SG Property For You was founded out of frustration of COMPLETE lack of transparency in the real estate industry in Singapore. Hi, my name is Alvin.

I never believe in what people say, I believe in what the truth is and what they do. The truth doesn’t change just because somebody likes or dislikes it. That’s the beauty of the truth.

As a teenager just back in late 1990s or 2000s, I always noticed that the lights were on in almost all of the units once a condominium or cluster landed estate’s TOP was complete at night when I bypass them on the expressways.

However, starting late 2000s, I noticed there were increasingly more units within fully developed and TOP projects all around Singapore which were unlit. Also, more projects were taking longer and longer, put on hiatus or developments halted even after en bloc.

You probably noticed that too.

The state of SG real estate

In every industry, there are good and bad buys. Does it not wonder you why there are NO bad reviews online in the real estate industry?

Truth is there is, and they are covered up.

House owners covering it up

There are tons of existing house owners in SG who hate their units because of reasons including but not limited to: poor interior finishing, unable to rent out, unable to find buyers, noise pollution e.t.c. BUT while renters do complain online sometimes, owners do not voice out their concerns, because in doing so, they will attract others who agree with them and drive down the prices of their property. Which IS the way that it should be but they cover it up. Let me expose them (bad buys).

Greedy property developers covering it up

There are increasingly fewer new plots of land available for development, yet they want to keep making huge margins. Property developers know that if they do not keep building and listing at stupid prices, their business will eventually go to zero. It’s almost like a zero sum game because land is limited.

Unethical property agents

What more need I say? There is a reason why 99% of agents are doing horribly, while 1% is doing amazing. That’s because 99% of agents are unethical and care more about closing the deal rather than providing a service and helping people get genuinely good deals. They cannot earn anything if they told you the truth sometimes that another development or unit (which they do not have the rights to sell) is actually better, so they BS you by telling you how the one they have is the best.

Or perhaps you are also sick of seeing smiling brothers attempt to sell you clearly overpriced units by conveniently virtually always leaving leaving out all bad points about it while acting like $2000 or 3000 per sq ft pieces of junk is always worth it.

I am sick of these unethical behaviors.

Government controlled media

The truth is that most people in Singapore ONLY know how to make money via investment by flipping houses, and have absolutely no clue how to run side gigs, business, or make other types of cash flow investments. What happens when the ONLY thing most of the population knows how to make money using dries up? Voter unrest. So what does the government controlled media do? Subtly persuade readers that stupid prices are the new normal. In my opinion, the new normal is complete breakdown of the media’s BS!

Time to break up that BS old time real estate monopolies hold in SG

The truth is that new buyers of property in Singapore is getting ripped off almost all the time now, and being treated as suckers in the industry. No more.

I am a full time entrepreneur and businessman in completely different industries, and have never been a real estate agent before. This blog is currently a passion project of mine, and I make no money off it. And yes, I’m spoiling the market, and most developers, agents and the media probably hate my guts but it is my firm belief that it is better to die telling the truth than to live telling a lie. No amount of money (yes that means even if you unethical people wired 1 billion into my account I’ll still tell the truth) will be accepted to create a biased review on my blog.

There are lots of great value buys for private property in Singapore, but a freaking ton of shitty ones as well. Time we removed those shitty ones to zero.

Right now, this blog does not partner with any agents. Perhaps sometimes in the future, I may choose to work with just a couple of actually ethical agents, who would rather make a far smaller commission in order to get a fair deal for the buyers – you, and yet get far more customers due to trust. But until I find these magical unicorns, I will keep spouting the truth from a consumer point of view until I attract these ethical agents to service you my readers!