Meyer Mansion Condo Review – Former Casa Meyfort Meyer Road

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About Meyer Mansion condo situated at 79 Meyer Road by developer Guocoland

Meyer Mansion is a freehold private condominium located at 79 Meyer Road (district 15 Marine Parade) off Tanjong Katong, Fort Road and along Meyer Road. It is also directly across East Coast Park and sits on the location of the previous Casa Meyfort at 79 Meyer Road.

This tenure freehold is built by developer Guocoland. The official TOP or expected completion of the Meyer Mansion condominium at 79 Meyer Road in Singapore is projected for to be in 2024 TOP.

Meyer Mansion along Meyer Road has a total of 200 units over a total of 1 blocks of 25 levels.

Pros of Meyer Mansion situated at 79 Meyer Road:

Build quality within the interior itself at Meyer Mansion is phenomenal and definitely exudes a premium vibe to them.

For home buyers, the address and road name at 79 Meyer Road is pretty good for those who love to show off your address as a form of status symbol. If you get a unit at Meyer Mansion, you may even trick your lower SES friends you live in a mansion! Jokes aside, Meyer Mansion is situated in a private only residential area, and you will be hard pressed to even spot any low SES HDBs near Meyer Mansion, which makes it an attractive thought.

There is the upcoming Katong Park MRT station under the Thomson East Coast Line which will be developed, and will be relatively nearby to Meyer Mansion. In my opinion, this is suitable for your kids to use if they go to schools in Singapore, but is probably nowhere near walking distance if you have elderly parents living with you who wants to use the upcoming Katong Park MRT station. The MRT station is actually only walkable for young kids or for a long walk from Meyer Mansion or 79 Meyer Road.

If you get the higher end units at Meyer Mansion development, you will get your own private lift. Now if you ask me, that is definitely always seen as a cool feature. Great plus here. The illustration below shows you how that will look like.

even pte ltd vvip discounts and get direct developer price by developer meyer mansion sucks, so be harsh on your sales enquiries on the pte ltd direct developer price but private lift is cool

Meyer Mansion is one of the condos which is as close to Central Business District CBD and Orchard Road as possible while situated outside of it in a nice district. If you have a car, which you probably do, just a 10 minutes drive and you are in town. That is indeed extremely convenient.

The build quality and the interior design of Meyer Mansion units makes you not even think about the size of the unit, and that is a testament to the quality of the interior designer, though the actual unit size is pretty in line with tiny little condos in Singapore.

There are 203 carpark lots for 200 Meyer Mansion units – that is a refreshing number as most condominiums in Singapore nowadays have way fewer carpark lots than units for sale! Finally! A condominium which realizes that us high SES people need cars!

Meyer Mansion Meyer Road has floor to ceiling windows, which does not allow you to open fully, but the floor to ceiling windows definitely add a prestigious feel to it.

Nearest schools to Meyer Road would be Dunman High School (along Tanjong Rhu Road), Chung Cheng High School, Tao Nan School, Kong Hwa School, Tanjong Katong Primary and Canadian International School, and they are all pretty good schools in Singapore for your kids to go to in future.

Meyer Mansion at 79 Meyer Road is only a few minutes drive away from a lot of shopping malls or leisure locations like East Coast Park ECP, Joo Chiat and Tanjong Katong shophouse areas, Guillemard Village, Katong i12, Parkway Parade (which has stores catering to your shopping needs and fast food outlets too), Singapore Chinese Swimming Club (at Amber Road) and a direct route via the ECP expressway to Changi Airport.

Cons of Meyer Mansion:

Meyer Mansion location is only convenient if you have a car. If you do not have a car, tough luck, so if you are intending to buy to rent to expats in the future, it can be a tough problem to solve, as there are equally good quality projects which are more convenient and cheaper for those without cars.

There are not a lot of facilities or amenities at this Meyer Mansion development at 79 Meyer Road due to its land size space. Meyer Mansion amenities are largely just a small gym, a lap pool and a function room.

I need not type it out for anybody with a brain to know what are the cons of Meyer Mansion – duh the prices. It is clearly and definitely overpriced, and sold by unethical real estate agents perpetuating lies that a freehold condo can cost more than a freehold and much larger landed fully developed property just along the same road, and within the same district 15. While Meyer Mansion should definitely cost more than a similar condo at another less prestigious address, its prices are still at least 30 to 50% over priced.

Just the fact that it is developed by largely the same people (Guocoland and their partners) as those who did Wallich Residences should make you know that they are just out to drive property prices up at a rate that is unsustainable – good luck trying to get any kind of rental yield on your property at Meyer Mansion if you buy at the prices they ask for. In addition, good luck trying to sell at higher prices during resale when almost all freehold landed homes across the road costs less and you own the land.

What you need to note about this Meyer Mansion development at 79 Meyer Road:

You do get sea views at the higher levels at Meyer Mansion only, as the lower bedroom sea view is blocked by the trees at East Coast Park.

Guocoland developer has a habit of severely over bidding existing properties then grossly over pricing its new developments and price gouge

The Meyer Mansion developer or its representing real estate agents loves to boast about its projects track record that the developer is the same who built Wallich Residence, which sold the most expensive condominium in Singapore’s history so far.

It is a joke, come on, Guocoland asked for 100 million for that unit, and exchanged hands around 70 million or so. From this, you can derive two things:

  • This Guocoland developer is full of sh*t and asking for stupid prices – if they asked for stupid prices for one unit do you think they’re not purposely overpricing EVERY single unit including those at Meyer Mansion? Duh, of course they are. The asking for 1 bedroom units Meyer Mansion price starts at around 1.4 million, and goes up to 4 to 6 million for the larger units. Complete bollocks, remember – it is not your duty to make sure greedy property developers get their profit, it is THEIR fault they overpaid in the first place during more and more ridiculous en bloc purchase price. Let them pay the price and lose money on this development by being harsh on negotiations.
  • Unless you like mentally m@sturbating to the though that you paid the most premium for a condo unit compared to everyone else you know, negotiate and lowball the crap out of the agents if you are interested in a unit at Meyer Mansion. Walk away and buy a landed property right across the road if they do not accept your lowball offer. Cheaper and more prestigious – and you actually own a mansion rather than a condo termed a ‘mansion’.

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Meyer Mansion included the above photo in their property brochure, showing real mansions used to dominate this sea side area (there still are, just fewer) in the past, and that is where they got the inspiration for the development name from. My view? Distasteful. Just smacks of greed, shows you how a handful of unethical developers are bidding up prices and selling tiny units at jacked up and artificially inflated prices in the market. They should probably rename it something else or not show this at all.

Meyer Mansion residents do get a swimming pool as one of Meyer Mansion property development amenities.

79 Meyer Road, Meyer Mansion floor plan

Here is a direct link to the floor plan and Meyer Mansion location map. View Meyer Mansion floor plan PDF ranging for unit types from 1 bedroom to 4 bedroom apartments which you can check out. The smallest apartment at Meyer Mansion is around 484 sqft or 45 sqm and biggest bedroom units are roughly 2142 sqft or 199sqm. The biggest ones would be the 4 bedroom premium with sea view at Meyer Mansion.

Summary of what to look out for when it comes to Meyer Mansion:

Meyer Mansion development has a good address and is situated in a good neighbourhood at Tanjong Katong and district 15. But be very wary about any asking price by the developer, because getting positive rental yields or potential resale at any kind of profit (even $1) is nearly impossible if you buy without negotiating.

Meyer Mansion has an absolutely horrible and UNjustified prices unless you love over spending. This is especially the case when it comes to the larger units at Meyer Mansion. Here’s a recommendation, get a nearby freehold landed in Singapore which is just 50 to 100 metres away, you own the land instead of getting a condo, and its cheaper too!

For those who are TLDR:

  • Great quality build within Meyer Mansion – both the condo facilities, amenities as well as interior design
  • Great location if you have a car and has a prestigious address
  • Absolute piss poor pricing which is like garbage and is overpriced
  • Brochure showing the real (actual) mansions of the past makes it feel distasteful when the apartment is so tiny now
  • Buy if you would like, but negotiate very hard during your sales enquiries and questions during your appointment at the Meyer Mansion showflat. It is at least 30 to 50% overpriced, if you can get it done, then this is a good deal. Very good deal. The main downside to this development is the selling price, so if you can get it 30 to 50% cheaper, it is such a great deal.

Overall score:

Accessibility: 6/10

Pricing: 1/10

Size of units: 5.5/10

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