Parc Komo Condo Review

Parc Komo Condo Review

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About Parc Komo Condo

Name: Parc Komo condo

Lease: Freehold

Status: Private condominium

Location: 961 Upper Changi Rd North Singapore 507663

General location: Changi

District: District 17

Developer: CEL Real Estate Development Pte Ltd

Official TOP date: 2023

Blocks: 10

Levels: 5 storeys

Units: 276 units

Carpark lots: 276 carpark lots

Short description: With an idyllic nature design, Parc Komo condo is a reasonably priced freehold development which doubles up as a serene place for you to come home to daily. 

Here are more details about what Parc Komo condo offers.

Immediate neighbourhood: Changi

Nearby neighbourhood: Changi, Pasir Ris, Tampines

Views: Neighboring landed properties

Nearby schools: Dunearn Secondary School, East Spring Primary School, East Spring Secondary School, The Japanese School Changi Campus, Loyang View Secondary School, Pasir Ris Primary School

MAP Parc Komo

General description of Parc Komo condo:

A rare freehold and brand new condo in the extreme east area of Singapore (Changi to be specific), Parc Komo has a very idyllic nature design woven throughout the architecture as well as the entire condominium estate. Set near a quiet landed enclave in the East, Parc Komo is a potentially great buy or place to live at for people who want a freehold condominium for still somewhat reasonable prices. Additionally, there is a Komo Shoppes, which is a small retail mall at the front of the condo for residents to enjoy too. If you like what’s described above, continue reading on!

Pros of Parc Komo condo:

While it is not the cheapest in terms of per square feet for all freehold condos in Singapore, Parc Komo condo is one of the, if not the, cheapest new launch freehold condominium in Singapore for a very long time. If you like freehold condos for a reasonable price, Parc Komo condo should be on your consideration list.

Located in a relatively quiet location, especially for the units in Parc Komo not facing the main road, those who want to live in a tranquil environment would definitely like living in Parc Komo. With idyllic resort and nature settings being the theme of the Parc Komo condo, feeling relaxed comes easily if you live here.

Because of the stores at the front of the condo estate, you would be able to access small eateries as well as a supermarket. Some of the stores which should be opening at Komo Shoppes which is the name of the retail area at Parc Komo would include but not limited to: FairPrice Finest, White Lodge International Preschool & Childcare, Pinnacle Family Clinic and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Cons of Parc Komo condo:

Let us state the elephant in the room, it is right across Changi Prison and right next to a petrol kiosk. Both of which are not very ideal direct neighboring entities you want.

Parc Komo also is not currently near any MRT stations. So if you need to commute to work and do not have a car, you would find it quite troublesome to live here. Perhaps not the best place for you if you do not own a car.

What you need to note about Parc Komo condo:

It is freehold, and for those who want to buy a condo unit and be able to pass it down to your future generations without worrying about future leases expiring, Parc Komo should be on your consideration list. Additionally, prices are relatively cheap for Parc Komo condo considering it is a brand new freehold development.

It is unfortunately a little far from any main MRT stations as of now, and if you or your family does not own car(s), you might find it a little inconvenient to travel to town from Parc Komo. However, if you have a car, then no problem because a less than 5 minutes drive will take you to major expressways in Singapore.

One of the main downsides to this development is that Parc Komo is actually situated right across Changi Prison and next to a petrol kiosk. While the petrol kiosk can add convenience to car owners, the smell of gasoline may not be ideal, and the units nearest to the petrol kiosk may suffer. Having Changi Prison directly across the estate is also not ideal.

The rubbish area is also situated near the front of the condo estate. This is why you should probably target to get a unit nearer to the blocks deeper within the estate, because those near the front of the estate, while cheaper and next to Komo Shoppes, will be facing the prison across the road, a rubbish area below you and a petrol kiosk next to you. Nasty. Avoid those at the front for sure.

Nearest schools to Parc Komo would be Dunearn Secondary School, East Spring Primary School, East Spring Secondary School, The Japanese School Changi Campus, Loyang View Secondary School, and Pasir Ris Primary School.

Floor plan

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Summary for Parc Komo condo:

If you have car(s) and can overlook the fact that it is situated across Changi Prison and beside a petrol kiosk, then Parc Komo definitely is a wonderful consideration choice for you if you want something freehold.

Overall score for Parc Komo condo:

Accessibility: 4/10

Pricing: 8/10

Size of units: 7/10

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