Parc Olympia Condo Review – Flora Drive Pasir Ris Changi

Parc Olympia

About Parc Olympia Condominium

Parc Olympia Flora Drive, Pasir Ris is a 99 years leasehold condominium development located at 62 Flora Drive Singapore 506859, and located at district 17 (D17), right next to both Pasir Ris, Tampines and Changi.

The tenure of the 99 year lease started back in 2012, and had its official TOP in Singapore in 2015 by Koh Brothers Development Pte Ltd.

A mid scale property development, Parc Olympia has a total of 486 units over a total of 8 blocks/towers.

Here are some of the features you can find in Parc Olympia by developer Koh Brothers Pte Ltd:

  • Lots of sporting and leisure facilities as Parc Olympia is modelled after the Olympics – the finest sporting event in the world
  • As a result of this, Parc Olympia has a multi sports concept design and a unique theme not seen along any other condominium properties along Jalan Loyang Besar
  • With a stunning clubhouse function room located right at Parc Olympia’s welcoming entrance, you will see why Parc Olympia is a performance inspired residences along 66 Flora Drive, 64 Flora Drive, 62 Flora Drive, 60 Flora Drive, 58 Flora Drive, 56 Flora Drive 506856, 54 Flora Drive, 52 Flora Drive, 50 Flora Drive
  • Parc Olympia has an outdoor basketball court clubhouse badminton hall, tennis courts and more
  • Parc Olympia has unique recreational facilities include things even like a rock climbing wall
  • There is a synthetic running track around the border of Parc Olympia – making it convenient for joggers and runners to do their thing within Parc Olympia itself – suitable for high performance living
  • Parc Olympia has outdoor gyms as well set among the sweeping landscapes of interweaving lush greenery through Parc Olympia
  • Of course, Parc Olympia has an indoor gymnasium room too
  • Just like most other condominium properties in the country, Parc Olympia has quality appliances built in
  • With a larger average property unit size than some condominium properties in central locations, Parc Olympia has more room than those endless surge of shoebox units in town. However, Parc Olympia condominium development still has a manageable condominium unit even if you do not have a maid
  • Parc Olympia has many amenities close by. Parc Olympia is situated near major expressways such as the Pan Island Expressway, Tampines Expressway making Parc Olympia an extremely short drive away from retail outlets like Ikea Tampines, Courts Megastore Giant Hypermarket or even smaller ones like Tampines Mart. You can also easily reach more major shopping district located such as Orchard Road easy
  • As a result of the above, Parc Olympia generated a lot of buyers interest during the condominium development launch

Pros of Parc Olympia:

If you are looking to purchase an apartment along Flora Drive here at Parc Olympia Flora Drive, you will be pleased to know that their units are mostly being resold and listed for sale at relatively reasonable market prices on the whole.

There has been no crazy and stupid increases in prices at Parc Olympia Flora Drive, and has been relatively constant. Bad news for them property flippers, but great news for value buyers who do not mind a 99 year leasehold property when it comes to Parc Olympia Flora Drive.

Price is definitely one of the strongest points when it comes to Parc Olympia Flora Drive. With ridiculous listing and asking prices for other condominiums almost everywhere else as long as you can see a MRT with a pair of binoculars or telescope, Parc Olympia remains one of those properties which price range is more grounded in reality. Thank goodness there’s some brains among this market price range still… albeit only a bit. Don’t be too happy yet and start bouncing around. Put on your pants and sit down.

If you like a more family-like condominium property in the East along Flora Drive Singapore, Parc Olympia Flora Drive is quite a good option. Most of the facilities within the Parc Olympia condo are family oriented, and most of the owners are also buyers themselves who stay there with their families.

There is a private mama store for you within Parc Olympia property itself, so in case of plandemic pandemics, you can have easy access to that.

Units living space at Parc Olympia Flora Drive condominium are decently sized enough. For example, a 2 bedroom, 2 washroom at Parc Olympia Flora Drive condominium is roughly 797sq ft. 3 bedroom ones at Parc Olympia are roughly 1000 sq ft. Finally, not a development which thinks that its residents are test subject lab animals and stuffing them into overpriced 350 sqft 1 bedroom apartments for 1 million dollars is reasonable.

You DO lose out if you need access to public transport, but if you don’t, then you can give the finger to those jokers staying at shoebox ‘premium’ (my @ss) 350 sqft jail bedroom unit garbage bedroom apartments in town while you enjoy your comfortable and actually premium bedroom space.

If you need to rush to Changi airport (which is the international airport of Singapore for expats), or make a u-turn because you forgot to bring something, great news because you are very close to the Changi airport. This is a strong selling point for Parc Olympia Flora Drive condominium for those who travel out of Singapore often.

Car park is fully sheltered and at the built-in basement of Parc Olympia.

Cons of Parc Olympia:

If you do not have a car, you would have very poor access to public transportation from Parc Olympia Flora Drive condominium, as it is not near any main bus stops nor MRT stations AT ALL at Parc Olympia nearby. There is a free shuttle to Changi City Point for residents/visitors at the drop off point, and one new tiny bus stop outside Parc Olympia now. However, it is not very convenient for you and/or your family if you do not have a private car.

Forget about hoping for a MRT station to pop up nearby in future and that alleviating potential accessibility issues will increase Parc Olympia Flora Drive’s property prices and sales by that alone. It will not. All of the surrounding land around Parc Olympia property is filled up by commercial or residential properties.

You can very clearly tell just by venturing into the basement car parks here at Parc Olympia that most people who stay at Parc Olympia have family cars. Parc Olympia is not the ideal place to live in without a car, unless sitting in public transport for long periods of time is your kind of thing… ew, not mine.

Due to Parc Olympia Flora Drive’s absolute low accessibility via public transport (even with a small bus stop in front of it, and the free shuttle for Parc Olympia residents to Changi City Point), this is NOT popular at all for rental for most expatriates in Singapore, unless getting lowballed is what you love and adore. Those who wish to purchase a property unit at Parc Olympia to rent to expats, think ten thousand billion times before proceeding. You will likely lose money if rent to expats here is your goal. Additionally, Parc Olympia is a value purchase for long term stay, not flippers too, so regretting halfway through and deciding to flip it will result in complete failure as well.

For guys, if looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger is your life time goal, then the Parc Olympia Flora Drive’s gym sucks. Place is really small and not much equipment. Thankfully the redeeming quality is that there are more outdoor fitness corners all around Parc Olympia Flora Drive condominium if looking like Cristiano Ronaldo is more of your goal. But since Ronaldo’s body is more in line with most guys’ goals nowadays, I am not too confident if this counts as a con. But for those who are hard core gym people, you may be disappointed. NEXT!

What you need to note:

PO 1 2 1 324 Olympia Parc was built and theme create by ko brothers pte ltd located along 50 Flora Drive to 66 Flora Drive, so find the sign and please please enter Parc Olympia place by there

The faint red running around the perimeter of Parc Olympia Flora Drive condominium is an actual running track or jogging track. Those who always wanted a real track will finally have it at Parc Olympia Flora Drive condominium.

As you can tell from the above image, you want to pick a unit in the middle (for example blocks 62, 64 54 and 52) if you prefer a quieter stay and experience at Parc Olympia Flora Drive condominium. Building 60 and 56 is significantly nearer to the Tampines Expressway, and the trees are pretty useless as a noise barrier against the expressway. Avoid those if you hate noises. The only reason to pick those Parc Olympia units is if you completely do not mind road noise and if you like living in close vicinity to and have nearby amenities / recreational facilities and court facilities such as the built-in BBQ pit facilities, recreational football court and basketball court as you will be beside it. The Parc Olympia basketball court can be noisy on weekends as well.

Building 66 Flora Drive and 50 Flora Drive can be quite noisy as the drop off point at Parc Olympia is right beside to you, the function hall is also beside you and Flora Drive is too. Additionally, the development of Jovell, which is another new condo along Flora Drive is to the diagonal right top of Block 66, so that can potentially be noisy. Also, with the onset of food deliveries in Singapore, the amount of noisy motorcyclists who have more noise than substance love to blare their cheap engines loudly along the main road. Key is I personally hate road noise, so I would definitely recommend best avoiding Building 66 and 50… 50 in particular as its beside the main rubbish dump as well, unless maybe the Parc Olympia unit is at least $100,000 to $200,000 below asking and I will consider it.

If you want to avoid the afternoon West sun and avoid as much noise as possible too for a quieter and best living experience at Parc Olympia, it is key and better to stick to the bottom facing ones at Block 54 and 52 of Parc Olympia, or right side (of the above image) facing unit for Block 62 and 64. All of these I just referred to are circled in orange in the image below:

PO 1 324 1 2 contact us and send your account name, mobile and email details to our page so we can log save it and contact you via mobile or email via com when the best deal at Parc Olympia Flora Drive pops up

There is the education institute Japanese School Singapore @ Changi (which is an international school) right below the map, along the bottom part of the Parc Olympia property compound. However, you will be pleased to know that the school is far quieter than the typical schools in Singapore where bells chime every 45 minutes to 60 minutes and where students scream all around during recess periods. This is partly due to the lower student density in the school there.

The swimming pools within Parc Olympia are not actually connected, though from the siteplan above it looks like it is. There are actually three main pool areas in Parc Olympia which are not connected via waterways. No big deal at all, but just something that you may want to note. There are aquatic gym equipment in the lap pool nearest to the function room, and there is also a relatively long slide along the middle pool. That is pretty cool in my opinion and kids seem to love it.

Nearest schools

Other than the Japanese school which is right next door, East Spring primary school and East Spring secondary school are among the closest schools in Singapore to Parc Olympia which is in Tampines.

If you are asking, the answer is till date, the East Spring secondary school is far from a good secondary school. The East Spring primary school are harder to gauge due to random allocation. BUT since you should ideally already have a vehicle if you wish to get a place at Parc Olympia Flora Drive condominium, there should be no problems sending your kids further away, even if slightly out of District 17.

Floor plan

To view more information and details for Parc Olympia Flora Drive, take a look at and view the brochure and plans link at Parc Olympia Flora Drive condominium here.

Size in terms of sqft when it comes to the residential units at Parc Olympia are relatively decent, and quite bang for the buck. However, unless suntanning or growing plants at your roof top is what you like, keep in mind that the roof terrace takes up a HUGE amount of sqft for the penthouse unit.

For those who have not stayed in penthouse properties with a large terrace before, you may find it very attractive when viewing, but you will find it a complete and colossal waste of space if you do not have any plans for it. Better to search for a larger property unit at Parc Olympia with a smaller terrace or just with a balcony.

Summary of what to look out for when it comes to Parc Olympia:

If convenience is your kind of thing AND you do not have a car and do not intend to take Grab, Gojek or taxis, avoid Parc Olympia Flora Drive condominium like the plague. It will be vastly inconvenient for you and your family to live in this Parc Olympia property. Just to take a simple meal is a pain in the butt. The only redeeming quality here is that there is a mama store at the basement at the drop off point. Use this as one of the pointers to negotiate for better prices if you have a car and complain on behalf of your family members. With so many developments near MRTs and more MRTs popping up elsewhere, Parc Olympia Flora Drive will lose its value over time, but can potentially be a ‘cheap’ purchase then.

ONLY buy IF you get a good price – you should be paying nearly at the same as the original first hand price range. Pay more than that and you are the sucker. There are many 99 years leasehold properties all around Parc Olympia Flora Drive, and even a few freehold ones nearby such as Carissa Park, Ferraria Park and The Gale projects, most of which are equally new as Parc Olympia, and accessibility is almost identical. There is even one new Jovell being developed right across Parc Olympia Flora Drive condominium. So unless being laughed at by backstabbing property agent team or another flipper and contributing to fake and artificially inflated real estate prices is your kind of secret kink, negotiate hard if the unit you are looking at is well over the original first hand price range. Keep stupid high price askers in their lane!

If you have a car, and if you like staying in a relatively quiet neighbourhood, and you and your family do not mind zero access to any MRT stations, and can achieve a cheap price on this development, it will make for a good purchase. Personally I am not too big a fan of non-freeholds, but if all of the above mentioned criteria can be met, you might want to consider Parc Olympia Flora Drive. But I strongly urge that ALL factors mentioned MUST be met before.

Overall score:

Accessibility: 3/10

Pricing: 7/10

Size of units: 7.5/10

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