Ripple Bay Condo Review – Pasir Ris Link

Ripple Bay Condo Review – Pasir Ris Link

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About Ripple Bay Condo

Name: Ripple Bay condo

Lease: 99 years leasehold

Status: Private condominium

Location: 16 Pasir Ris Link Singapore 518166

General location: Pasir Ris

District: District 18

Developer: MCL Land Limited

Official TOP date: 2015

Blocks: 7

Levels: 12 to 13 storeys

Units: 679 units

Carpark lots: 685 carpark lots

Short description: A literal stone throw away from Pasir Ris Park and beach, Ripple Bay is a 99 years leasehold condo along Pasir Ris Link with lots of panoramic sea views for the higher floor units. If you are looking for a leasehold condo in Singapore with sea views but without an astronomical price tag, Ripple Bay condo might just be suitable for you.

Here are more details about what Ripple Bay condo offers.

Immediate neighbourhood: Pasir Ris

Nearby neighbourhood: Pasir Ris, Changi, Loyang, Tampines

Views: Sea views or other condos

Nearby schools: Casuarina Primary School, Pasir Ris Primary School, White Sands Primary School, Hai Sing Catholic School, Dunman Secondary School, Tampines Meridien Junior College, Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), United World College of South East Asia and The Japanese School

Ripple Bay condo

General description of Ripple Bay condo:

Now, while I did describe Ripple Bay condo as a condo with sea views but with less than ridiculous pricing, keep in mind, that is in comparison to other condos in Singapore with sea views such as Meyer Mansion etc. It is not in comparison to other 99 years leasehold condos without sea views. If you were to take a look at Property Guru, you will notice that the asking prices are very high for such a leasehold condo in such a location if you did not know that many of its units have sea views.

For instance, a regular and popular condo unit configuration of 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom are generally priced around $1 million, while a comparable 99 years leasehold condo with non-sea views usually only cost between $700,000 to $950,000. Ripple Bay is also not particularly near the Pasir Ris MRT station. It is several bus stops away at least, and would not be considered walkable to Pasir Ris MRT station by 99% of the population. With an average of 750-800sq ft for a 2 bedder, you are also not paying for extra size at Ripple Bay. Therefore, the premium you will need to be paying for Ripple Bay condo would definitely be for the sea views.

Due to how close it is to the sea and how unblocked it is currently, you will almost always get a good breeze in your condo unit at Ripple Bay for most towers. Approximately 85% of condo units within Ripple Bay will get sea views, pool view as well as lush greenery.

Ripple Bay sea views

The sea views you get if you stay at Ripple Bay

When it comes to the unit sizes, Ripple Bay is pretty typical in size compared to most other condos in Singapore, and it is unlikely you will feel that it is very small or very big in square footage.

Ripple Bay condo land area is that of approximately 291,218 square feet, of which 73% is open space. This gives the entire condo development a rather spacious feel. Around Ripple Bay, there are 7 towers sitting on an elevated landscape deck with sprawling lush landscapes and you get a minimum distance of 32 metres between the 7 towers.

If you dislike the afternoon sun and work from home, great news – all towers are North South orientation.

For people with cars, great news, you get a full basement carpark, so you need not worry about shelter when accessing your car.

You get a sky garden at the roof level of Tower 6, which includes a sky gym, lounge as well as a barbeque pit.

Free shuttle bus service to Pasir Ris MRT station was provided for the first year from TOP launch date, but since we are well past the first year, this free service no longer exists.

Pros of Ripple Bay condo:

If getting sea views is an absolute must for you, then you can’t go too wrong with Ripple Bay. One of the rare few condos with sea views out of Pasir Ris beach, you will definitely love this place. Additionally, for a condo with such panoramic sea views, you are still paying what is considered very reasonable prices. Compared to new launch condos with sea views, Ripple Bay can appear dirt cheap.

Ripple Bay is a short distance away from Downtown East or Ehub, which is a major shopping and entertainment zone. With a cinema, water theme park (Wild Wild Wet), supermarket such as NTUC Fairprice as well as a newer Don Don Donki, and lots of eateries, the location can be very convenient for you and your family. Downtown East or Ehub is within walkable distance from Ripple Bay, and is a hot favourite location to go to on the weekends for families – especially those families with younger children.

Among the condos at Pasir Ris Link, Ripple Bay in my opinion has the best design and also is the quietest condo in that region. If you like sea views with serenity, Ripple Bay will be a good choice for you.

Cons of Ripple Bay condo:

If you do not enjoy the sea views that you will get, then you will feel that you are paying a very hefty premium for what is a relatively average condo in Singapore. Ripple Bay’s amenities, designs, unit size are not particularly unique nor different, nor luxurious, but you are paying a decent amount of premium over that of other comparable condos.

Asking prices at Ripple Bay are relatively high, despite it also not being exactly near the Pasir Ris MRT station. With new condos like Pasir Ris 8 coming up which is right at Pasir Ris MRT station, you may not find the price worth it for the accessibility if you do not have a car. 

What you need to note about Ripple Bay condo:

Towers are North South facing, so you should have no concerns about West sun most of the time.

Nearest schools to Ripple Bay will be Casuarina Primary School, Pasir Ris Primary School, White Sands Primary School, Hai Sing Catholic School and Tampines Meridien Junior College.

Floor plan

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Summary for Ripple Bay condo:

Great deal for those who love sea views without wanting to pay absolutely insane prices. Otherwise, you may look elsewhere, as you are paying a pretty hefty premium for a rather regular condo other than the sea views.

Overall score for Ripple Bay condo:

Accessibility: 5/10

Pricing: 5/10

Size of units: 7/10

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