This Meyer Road Condo Suitable For Nothing But Showing Off?

If you have looked at freehold condos along the East Coast region of Singapore lately, you must have seen the advertisement by desperate agents trying to jack up the prices artificially for Meyer Mansion at 79 Meyer Road because the developer is well known for asking over valued prices.

But does this mean that there is no merit to this project? Not really. But the gist is that the benefits certainly do not outweigh the ridiculous asking prices.

In fact, if we were to look at convenience, it really is not convenient at all for those without a car. Agents trying to sell units at this condominium like to cite the new MRT stations. However, they are at least 300 metres away. Tell me that is convenient for the elderly parents who live there with their kids. Far from it. Bus services are also far and few between due to the entire area being mostly landed properties only, and with a few condos like this one. While technically the distance from Meyer Mansion to the CBD is very near, it is only convenient for those with cars. However, unless everyone in your household has one car each, it is not convenient.

Additionally, facilities are very minimal at this place despite its high price tag. In fact, if you want anything more than a small gym, a lap pool and a function room, you probably need to pack your bags and go over to a friend’s condo to enjoy these facilities. It is dismal, and that is already putting it kindly.

However, like in my main post regarding this project, I said that its location, freehold status and stupid prices are ideal for those who like to mentally m@sturbate and show off to their colleagues or acquaintances on Facebook as to how much they have splurged. For this purpose, it may just serve it very well. Otherwise, probably not.