This Is A Fact, Not Commentary: Meyer Mansion Is Overpriced

Despite its freehold status, and despite its location, Meyer Mansion is most certainly overpriced by a gross amount. For better understanding, here is a guide to the asking prices by the developer and agents for this condominium project.

Units at this development range from a 1 bedroom unit to 4 bedroom premium.

1 BR here of roughly 484 sq ft here costs roughly $1.33 M and upward.

A 2 BR of 689 sqft is around $1.85 M and upwards.

Cost for a 3 BR of 1,109 to 1,500 sq ft ranges from around $2.7 up till slightly under $4 M.

Cost for 4 BR of 1,700 to slightly below 1,800 sq ft is $4.3 to $4.5 M.

Can we all say WTF together? That is right. You are not looking at faked numbers. These are genuine asking prices by greedy unethical Guocoland who is out to gouge people’s wallets of their hard earned money simply because the developer overpaid for the original Casa Meyfort in the first place.

Did you know that a corresponding fully renovated, modern, freehold landed along THE SAME road (just a few hundred metres down the road) of around 3,300 sqft land size (not even including built up space) is usually only asking $3.8 to $4.5 million?

What kind of horse sh*t are those numbers asked by them? It is a freaking joke. Yes this article is intended to bring truth and some common sense back to the people who have been knocked out of their senses over many decades of propaganda by government linked media and property developer funded ‘news’ that such prices are reasonable.

Some argue that you pay more for a condo because of the security and grounds – really? Then maybe you should try boycotting and not paying your maintenance fees to your condo and see what they do to you. That is already factored in, so cut with the garbage pricing.

Enough said. Slash their asking and lowball the agents you meet at their showflat if you are still interested in a unit there. Target range? Definitely ask for whatever is much more in line with the freehold landed just along the same road. To give you a rough guide, slash prices by at least 30 to 50%, or walk away. There are lots more developments which are more reasonable priced.