Treasure At Tampines Condo Review – Tampines Street 11

Treasure at Tampines new launch developer sales claim to be best selling but is that the truth for Tampines Treasure

About Treasure at Tampines condo

Treasure at Tampines condo is a 99-year leasehold private condominium located at Tampines Street 11 (district 18) within Tampines town on the site of former Tampines Court, next to the Pan Island Expressway and very near Pasir Ris as well.

The tenure of the 99 year leasehold started back in 2018, and the development project name of Treasure at Tampines is developed by Sim Lian Group Limited. The official TOP or expected completion of the Tampines Street 11 housing construction in Singapore is projected for to be in December 2023 TOP.

Treasure at Tampines by Singapore developer Sim Lian Group Limited has a total of 2,203 units over a whopping total of 29 blocks of 12 storey.

Pros of Treasure at Tampines condo By developer Sim Lian Group:

The biggest selling point for Treasure at Tampines would be the sheer size of the entire estate and condominium along Tampines Street 11. Imagine a condominium so big it took up an entire street in Singapore – that is Tampines Street 11. If you love to socialize with new friends or just love to meet others similar to you in a secure environment such as a private condominium, with Treasure at Tampines by developer Sim Lian Group Limited, you will meet a minimum of 2,203 humans if every single unit is occupied by at least 1 person. You probably will know everybody living in the East region of Singapore.

Treasure at Tampines at Tampines Street 11 by Sim Lian Group is seriously a haven for those who wish to socialize. And I am NOT exaggerating.

Well, some haters say that you get to meet that amount of people in just about any Singapore HDB housing estate as well. But hey, condominium owners are really on average higher SES, so haters, easy right there. At least the ones you meet at Treasure at Tampines are largely certified middle class and above! Who wants to talk about getting a 5% raise when we are talking about $3,000/month raises? Who would like to talk about lowly motorcycles or what’s for lunch when we got our luxury cars or handbags to discuss about?

Treasure at Tampines location provides tons of convenience. You just need to walk out within 100 meters or so and you will be able to walk and reach Tampines Round Market & Food Centre with lots of food choices. The entire vicinity has lots of smaller food courts too. And you also have the convenience of a wet market just next to your condominium, but it is still far enough from Treasure at Tampines so that you get both the convenience as well as the prestige.

If you have a car and need not care about which train stations you are near, Treasure at Tampines location is truly heaven on earth. Seriously.

Drive 5 minutes in any direction and you will be able to find many more entertainment and dining places nearby Treasure at Tampines.

Drive 5 minutes towards Simei MRT, and you will be able to find Eastpoint Mall.

send your name and contact us, brand new Tampines developer Pte Ltd Tampines Treasure located at Tampines Street 11 is really near around Central place Tampines Mall Tampines 1 and Century Square, which is one of the selling point for site project name Treasure at Tampines price TOP around December 2023

Like the image above, you can drive 5 minutes towards Tampines Central, and you will be spoilt with the choice of turning left to Our Tampines Hub (OTH) or turning right to dine and shop at shopping malls centre such as Tampines Mall Tampines 1 or Century Square.

Take the slip road into the PIE and you have more shopping malls at Pasir Ris which is just 10 to 15 minutes drive away. Treasure at Tampines is 10 minutes drive away from Changi Business Park hub area, and may be suitable for people who work at that business park. Its region proximity to PIE (right behind Treasure at Tampines) is a beneficial point for those who use the PIE to travel. Treasure at Tampines is also about 15 minutes ride away from Tampines retail park such as IKEA Tampines.

You do get a complimentary shuttle bus ride to train stations like the Tampines MRT station and the Changi Airport from month 7 to month 18 from time of TOP.

You kind of get to stay in your own town. At approximately 645,835 sq ft of total land and site size which is private, and well over 2000 other people within the same development at Treasure at Tampines if occupancy rate is high, the entire Treasure at Tampines condominium population can probably mate with each other and have offspring and prosper within Treasure at Tampines land itself. That is kind of a cool thought. Besides, Treasure at Tampines project launch is likely to be more popular with families due to its branding targeting families.

If you would like, you can call it Kampong Treasure at Tampines and you can declare Tampines Treasure to be a sovereign nation and elect actually capable politicians instead of career politicians.

Cons of Treasure at Tampines condo:

However, like always, just because there are benefits to a project does not mean there are no bad points. But something unique about Treasure at Tampines project is that almost all of its pros are also its very own cons.

Most of the pros are also cons for Treasure at Tampines

The same ‘benefit’ and biggest selling point of having over 2,000 units can also be the biggest ‘disadvantage’ when it comes to Treasure at Tampines. If you are an introvert, or autistic and smart, but don’t wish to talk to people, buying a unit here or renting a unit here will be the biggest mistake you will have ever made in your entire life. Whether you are hoping to get to your car in peace or condo apartment at Treasure at Tampines without meeting anyone or neighbours, you will likely be so sorely disappointed.

Treasure at Tampines is somewhat like a Lexus. Lexus is a great car, however, the fact that it is developed and owned by Toyota just make it seem like a Toyota pretending to compete in the Audi, BMW and Mercedes market. Treasure at Tampines is located and situated mainly within a ‘not so atas’ (or prestigious) estate in the East region area – it is located at Tampines Street 11.

Tampines Street 11 off Tampines Avenue 2 in the East is also frankly not very impressive if you are those who are stuck up on an address (or rather, road name of where you live). Saying you stay at Tampines probably makes everyone else who don’t know you think that you stay at one of the old nearby HDBs in the East. Treasure at Tampines condo is being dragged down by the nearby neighbourhood it is situated and located in.

Another big con is that when it comes to re sale time, it can at best be reasonable price only. Treasure at Tampines which is along Tampines Street 11 and Tampines Avenue 2 will never spike to stupid price, because accessibility and prestige of the address are what matters far more when it comes to really ridiculous resale price range. And the Internet has proliferated every industry, so anyone who stupidly believe that crazy high prices are worth it are more educated now. No longer is it ‘normal’ (F*ck those flippers) for buyers to pay $200,000 over original sale price during TOP. Dumbest thing ever that only stupid f*cks in Singapore say. If it always is the case, then these people will be rich but most still stay in a miserable HDB while flipping a condo once in their lifetime and pretending to be a money expert. Never take money advice from a gambler. Most of these advice givers in Singapore make $10,000/month or less and pretend to be a money expert. Lol. That’s just a beginner student in the world scheme.

Next, the shuttle bus that you get for free from Treasure at Tampines to Tampines MRT and Singapore Changi Airport from month 7 to month 18 from date of TOP will stop being free, unless the management is changed in future.

Because Treasure at Tampines is a large development with lots of units, naturally, the number of condo facilities and amenities has be to greater than normal. Facilities and amenities at Treasure at Tampines include but are not limited to two swimming lap pools, two slide pools, 2 themed playgrounds, trampoline courtyard, 24 hours gym, tennis court and a main Club house facilities and amenities. With that many facilities, amenities and features, Treasure at Tampines condo can sound impressive…

LOL. But give me a break. Most condos in Singapore also have at least half that number of facilities, and they usually have between 300 to 600 units. Treasure at Tampines has SEVERAL TIMES THAT! If the occupancy rate remains similar to other developments, let us say that you will be squashed more in your own condo facilities than the worse Singapore MRT train ride at the worst peak hour you will ever have.

Or after TOP you will face a pool situation eg the above pool image
Or after TOP you will face a pool situation eg the above pool image

In my opinion? Stinks of heavy marketing with no substance behind it. Facilities will be so jam packed or empty proving that Treasure at Tampines is a failure. Either way, not a good point for Treasure at Tampines to over promote since that is not its strength.

Brand new 1 bedroom to 5 bedroom by Tampines developer Pte Ltd at Treasure at Tampines price is subjective, contact us

Talk to any agent who is trying to get you to buy a unit at Treasure at Tampines and if they sense that you care about distance to MRT, they will tell you how Treasure at Tampines is located within walking distance to Simei MRT. YET though the distance to Tampines MRT is only approx slightly longer, they give you a shuttle bus to Tampines. Why is that the case? I do not give two hoots about what these unethical agents say, but I just look at what they do and consider using common sense.

Clearly, they think that the travelling between Treasure at Tampines to Tampines MRT is too far and so they give you a shuttle (for months 7 to 18), but they got to have a selling point to jack up their price point because they very clearly overpaid at $970 million purchase cost for that en bloc for the former Tampines Court, so they say it’s within walkable distance to Simei MRT. Based on what? That is some world class bullsh*t.

Dudes and dudettes, if you haven’t been to that area before along Tampines Street 11, let me tell you this. Most Singaporeans will 100% think that Treasure at Tampines is NOT WITHIN WALKING distance to Simei MRT. If not for your selfish self, think about your poor aged parents or young kids. Stop being a fking prick and only think about yourself.

If you do not have a car, then it is just reasonable accessibility. It no longer is as magical in terms of convenience. There are more convenient developments and projects other than Treasure at Tampines. There are also no MRT stations actually near you. Even the latest Tampines West MRT stations is not exactly within walking distance.

There was something weird with Treasure at Tampines price slashing

Did you know that agents secretly messaged walk in crowd who expressed interest in Treasure at Tampines but did not pull the trigger during the new launch for heavy discounts of up to $100,000 to $200,000 per unit? What about those poor clients who bought units at the start? Too bad for them, the units were sold with no discounts, and they paid that much extra because they are sheep who believe everything the media and agents says. You will not be able to find much information on this online, but ask around ANY of your friends or family who went to the new launch, expressed interest but refused to pull the trigger back on Treasure at Tampines’ units then. This story will come up. Ah ha! Those agents and developer probably want to bury this but this is the purpose of this blog – to dig out their f*cking dirt and expose them to the consumers of Singapore.

Here’s the kicker – if they did it once, they can do it again. Remember – leopard’s spots don’t change. Once a liar, will always be a liar. F*ck them and their idea of what’s ‘good for us’. We are all grown adults who can think, it is time for consumers of Singapore to rise up to anything that’s unfair. So be wary about this point when it comes to units at Treasure at Tampines.

What you need to note:

Treasure at Tampines Floor plan

Here is a direct link to the Treasure at Tampines floor plan and Tampines site plan PDF ranging from 1 bedroom to 5 bedroom apartments by Sim Lian Group Limited which you can check out. The biggest ones would be the 5 bedroom and there are no penthouses for floor plan for that at Treasure at Tampines. No studios, 1 bedroom is the smallest.

Read between the lines when it comes to ‘best selling’ for Treasure at Tampines

Just because the company Sim Lian Group Limited and others involved claim that it is the best selling, does not mean it is freaking legendary. READ THE D*MNED NUMBERS. There are 2,203 units! Most new launches have less than 500 apartments for sale. Even if another condo sold 400 out of 500 units (which is a whopping 80%), Sim Lian Group Limited can sell 500 out of 2,203 (which is a secretly miserable 22.7%) for its developer sales and claim they have the ‘best sold’ development then… based on the number, not the percentage. So take those claims with a big pinch of salt (or take a shower in the Dead Sea before coming back to making a decision) and do not blindly believe that automatically translates to how awesome Treasure at Tampines is.

Nearest schools to Treasure at Tampines

Among the nearest primary schools to Treasure at Tampines will be Tampines primary and secondary school will be Tampines Secondary School. Not the best primary or secondary schools in Singapore by a far stretch, but it is what it is.

Summary of what to look out for when it comes to Treasure at Tampines:

Overall, if you like convenience, and you have a car, do not mind the less ‘atas’ address at Tampines Street 11 and want some bang for your buck, and do not intend to care about descendants beyond your grandchildren (because it only has a 99-year leasehold at maximum), units at Treasure at Tampines can actually be a relatively good value purchase.

Here’s a pro tip, units at Treasure at Tampines are not doing very well when it comes to sales because there’s just way too many units for them to sell, and the number of Singapore’s population who can afford condos are decreasing. So negotiate bl**dy hard and do not let those b@stards tell you why any price range above $1000 psf for their units is worth it. Stick a finger up to them and press the price down when it comes to your offers for their units. Especially because other project launches are also 99 years lease only.

There are times when a higher price is worth it, but not for this Tampines site estate development.

Overall score:

Accessibility: 5/10

Pricing: 5.5/10

Size of units: 6/10

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