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About Urban Vista Project

Urban Vista Tanah Merah Kechil Link is a 99 years leasehold condominium located at Tanah Merah Kechil Link, Singapore 465419, and located at D16, around the Bedok and relatively close to East Coast park area if you have a car.

The tenure of the 99 year lease started back in 2012, and was completed by the familiar name Fragrance Group or the official TOP in Singapore was in 2016.

Urban Vista has a total of 582 units over a total of 11 blocks/towers. Some of the illustrations such as the featured image above do not include Block 16, more of which is explained below in the siteplan image.

Pros of Urban Vista:

Its location is literally next to the Tanah Merah MRT station interchange which makes it very convenient for commuters, and there is another underground one being built. Also, it has a bus stop and taxi stand right in front of Urban Vista too making it very convenient. Surprisingly, despite its close vicinity to the East West line, the PSF prices are not at a huge premium for most apartments.

Urban Vista is very popular among air stewardesses and pilots in Singapore to rent due to its super close proximity in the East and convenience to the Changi International Airport.

It is situated near many primary school and secondary schools in the East, some of which are not bad. Of course, Bedok View Secondary School is far from great but there are others such as Anglican High secondary school, Temasek secondary school and Temasek Junior IP (its secondary school department) which are decent. Search for public schools will not be too hard.

There will be a small mixed commercial development next to it and Optima (next door condominium) in the future.

Facilities are not bad, you get stuff such as two swimming pools, one of which is an infinity pool with walk up BBQ pits under a pavilion. That’s a strong pulling point, though most people tend not to use it over time.

If you have a bicycle or a car, Simpang Bedok is nearby and awesome for those who love eating supper in the East. The famous East Coast park hawker centre is also only a 5 to 10 minutes drive away.

It originally was a mixed site, with a publicly accessible convenience store, but its residents preferred it to be purely private and residential, which was the right choice in my opinion. Since it became fully private and residential only, the store couldn’t make profits and was shut down.

Cons of Urban Vista:

There are no food, dining, or convenience store places nearby within 500 metres of the condominium location, so you either need to drive or walk a fair bit or take the train for a simple meal, dining or buy household items.

The ex and new management at the developer project here is known to be quite stubborn on some issues, look out for this. Even the security guards report issues and dislike them sometimes.

You CANNOT have a guest park his or her car overnight 12am to 6am in the carpark. Guest carpark is only one level at level 3, and the entire level 1, 2 and main basement carpark are technically not allowing any guests to drive into or park at. That is pretty annoying considering how many empty lots there are at ALL times. Problem? The management. Look for them, vote them out.

Property facing main roads can be exceedingly noisy, even at night.

Property units at Urban Vista other than the penthouse ones are really small. There are many 2 bedrooms going for slightly under 600 sqft or 55 sqm, and 3 bedrooms are usually only around 850 sqft or 79 sqm. F*CKING small. The ‘reason’ the developer gives for this is because its SOHO loft style, but be wary of this small sqft or sqm if you are particular about this.

Living rooms in this Urban Vista development are virtually non-existent. Inviting friends or family members for a round or two of mahjong to your place is not plausible, LOL. Jokes aside, it really is too tiny in my opinion unless you are just a couple or a single living there, then that is acceptable.

Soccer or basketball enthusiasts, sorry, there is no such facilities for you.

What you need to note:

UV oct image 2 save my email account and email connect with me for free if you have any feedback about our review more or less

Try to avoid the ones facing the main road along the train track along New Upper Changi.

Here are the reasons why.

First of all, it is right next to the MRT, and the noise insulation along this particular track and the Tanah Merah MRT station is quite poor. Even those at the further ends from the Tanah Merah station are still a stone’s throw away from the station, so I see absolutely no point in getting a unit facing the main road for virtually no additional benefit.

UV 2 with dual key and nearest school is Bedok View Secondary School and Anglican High secondary school

Additionally, due to the above being a long stretch of road without any traffic lights other than the one shown in the above image for several hundred metres until the intersection with Bedok road as circled, some nights tend to have noisy motorcycles blaring along, which can be exceedingly annoying when you pay a premium to stay in a condominium yet have to suffer from such torturous BS.

There are heavy construction works at the moment along New Upper Changi in place for the new MRT interchange, which is on top of what there already exists. The bad news is that there are sometimes work throughout the night, and it can be dusty, but the key good news is that it will eventually be completed within a few more years or less. So this may or may not be a concern for you depending on within how many more years when you are looking to purchase.

UV 1 2 3 4 facilities are not bad. Discover what they are in this non business industrial industrial nor business Pte Ltd commercial estate and discover now

Floor plan

Here is a direct link to the Urban Vista floor plan PDF which you can check out.

For 2 bedrooms and above at Urban Vista

If you want a 2 bedroom and above unit at Urban Vista Tanah Merah Kechil Link, then you are strongly recommended to pick the ones around BLK 20, 22, the small roads facing ones at 2 and 4 as well as the inside facing ones of 16. Data information in the diagram above.

Many have dual key so you have a potential option of being able to rent out a room or something along these lines too.

For 1 bedroom units at Urban Vista

Those circled in red in the siteplan page above are 1 bedroom units. Since most people interested in staying at Urban Vista Tanah Merah Kechil Link are international expats or young families, I will address those.

Units of BLK 16 facing Tanah Merah Kechil Road will get the warm afternoon sun, so if you are a retiree and stay at home all day, you may want to think twice about a unit there. If you are a working executive, then it probably does not matter since you will not be home anytime before 6pm other than during your off days.

If you are getting a 1 bedroom unit, pick those at Urban Vista BLK 16 if you dislike roads or track noise, and pick those facing the main roads if you dislike the afternoon sun.

An interesting thing about Urban Vista is that they have 1 bedroom penthouses as well as dual key apartments, which makes it a relatively unique real estate, not too commonly seen within new launches for properties within the last decade.

With all the bad points about the mostly 1 bedroom facing the main New Upper Changi I had mentioned earlier on, some Urban Vista units facing the main road in particular are seriously struggling to sell and/or rent out with good rental yield. However, the good sign for you as a buyer is that you have the power of leverage when it comes to those, if the noise is not a concern for you.

Many of these listings are mainly struggling to sell because of the constant construction (though this will not be a concern in a few years from now due to construction completed, so make a purchase sale decision fast to leverage this point to your advantage in negotiating far cheaper sale prices), the main road noise pollution, and also that your unit is quite visible to commuters on the train. So use those pointers to your leverage when talking to your agent about these listings.

Summary of what to look out for when it comes to Urban Vista:

Do NOT buy into the BS that some agents or owners try to tell you that Changi Jewel will create lots of jobs and will drive up the rental price or purchase price for Urban Vista in future. Most created jobs available at Jewel are not exactly high paying at all, and most are retail jobs, not high paying jobs like pilots or executives.

Also, if you are looking to invest, do not believe the hype about Changi Business Park creating more jobs in the East region and that you are just one station away from them. Please, there are lots of available options that renters can get at similar price range in the region. Definitely argue hard on the prices if you are looking to get a unit at Urban Vista, or be willing to walk away.

If you are an investor, please try to avoid the main road view facing ones, it can be a big pain to rent them out, there are many options available even within Urban Vista which are quiet facing and far more popular with expats, there is zero point in getting those facing the outside unless you are looking to purchase for yourself and do not mind the noise.

For those who prefer the convenience that Urban Vista provides without the noise pollution or potential rental headache, opt for the inside facing units type in the BLK as mentioned above (20,22,2,4,16).

Regardless, the units facing the main roads should be the cheapest units, and you need to argue or negotiate toughly with the agent for far cheaper prices. Offers should ideally be made at almost the same prices the units were sold at when just developed. There are tons of condominiums near Urban Vista, so agents and flippers tend to be a little shaky in their confidence when they are asking for ridiculous prices at Urban Vista. Make use of that to your advantage. Ignore all references to bank valuations, tons of units at Urban Vista are selling well below bank valuations. Treat valuations like toilet paper, ignore it, flush it down the toilet and negotiate hard.

If you found a good deal for those type facing the main road, pick those at the higher levels as much as possible. They have a far better view, and if it is high enough, you can see all the way until the East Coast Park sea area, even with some apartment launches across the train track.

Overall score:

Accessibility: 9.5/10

Pricing: 6.5/10

Size of units: 4.5/10

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