Why Air Stewardesses And Pilots Love Staying At UV

Perhaps the most popular condominium in Singapore among air stewardesses and pilots to stay in would be Urban Vista. Here are the reasons why.

First of all, the nearest MRT station to the international Changi airport is the Expo station followed by Tanah Merah which is an interchange. Expo train station has no housing estates anywhere near it, and so staying there is totally not an option. The next closest would be Tanah Merah. And guess what is at that station? Right next to Urban Vista!


Second of all, there are actually a number of condo developments around this region. However, if we were to take a look at the map above, this project is THE closest one possible and it also has two fully sheltered walkway from the station. The colors of the arrows show the different alternatives of sheltered walkways to the nearest surrounding condos from EW4. In reality though, most of the air stewardesses end up taking a cab back home anyway LOL. But this convenience is definitely still one of the reasons why they like staying there, as they can travel via cab or MRT very quickly to their workplace!

Third of all, due to the loft SOHO style of the units and relatively small sqft at UV, the project tends to attract expats and renters instead of house owners or families. This is in contrast to the neighbouring properties which tend to attract local families more than UV. However, because the people in the airline industry tend to be out of Singapore often anyway, they share rental for a unit with their colleagues, and the smaller sized units do not even affect them because most of them are not around most of the times!

Finally, most of these airline crew tend not to have a car as well, because of the number of days in a month they are not even in Singapore. Therefore, although this estate has incredibly few carpark lots available for both residents and guests compared to the number of units and will turn off families with multiple cars, it is a non concern for these airline crew.