Why Treasure Tampines Is Great For Those With Cars In The East

When it comes to more recent condo developments in the East side of Singapore, Treasure at Tampines is definitely one of the most talked about due to it being thus far the project with the largest amount of units within which for sale in our country’s history. But it is also actually situated at a good spot if you have a car in your family.

Tat inner 1

At place circled A, you get the main big malls near the condo, where you get 3 shopping malls including Tampines Mall, which is literally 5 minutes drive away including accounting for stop and go traffic.

While there appears to be nothing at circle B from the image above, it is because it is slightly too zoomed out. Just 2 minutes drive away from itself, you will be able to visit Our Tampines Hub, which is a sports hub with bowling alley, soccer field and food and dining places too!

Circle C is Saint Hilda and circle D is Anglican High School. Both are relatively close secondary schools to where the project is.

Now, moving on to E, you get Changi Business Park. An increasingly popular spot for global IT companies to set up their offices at, if you happen to work there as well, then this project will be pretty convenient for you, as it is just about 5 to 10 minutes drive away. The only downside is that there is heavy traffic during the evening hours from the business park area back to the condo.

If your child is older and would like to go to a local university, you get the option of Singapore University of Technology and Design which is also relatively near to your place. While Treasures is not the closest development possible, it is still relatively convenient by car!

Last but not least, we see Eastpoint Mall at G, which is yet another heartland mall, for those who prefer a more heartland experience as the malls at Tampines area are bigger and has somewhat more urban vibes than suburb vibes.