Why This Flora Condo Is Good For Families But Bad For Profit

Here are some reasons why Parc Olympia Flora Drive is a great place to stay at for families, but probably a horrible idea if you are looking to make profits off it.

Many of its facilities are family oriented.

Swimming pools with facilities such as slides, underwater gym and multiple pools are great fun for children looking to play, and host parties at. All of these breed communal activities and thus is great place for kids and families to have fun at in a secured condominium compound.

There is a mini golf putting course within the compound itself too, which also doubles as a big open space for children to have fun at. You can tell where this direction is going. If facilities are targeted at kids and children, then it is far more family oriented than expat or singles oriented. That is true with the actual demographics of the residents within Parc Olympia too, as you will be able to see most often middle aged couples with their off springs and sometimes even elderly parents here enjoying and having a good time.

There are also several sports facilities such as a street soccer, basketball and tennis court. While it may sound like it attracts hardcore sports enthusiasts, an actual venture into the condominium will show you that it really is just families who make use of these facilities and hardcore sports enthusiasts probably prefer going elsewhere.

At the end of the day, you can tell that this project is highly popular with residents who are family minded.

The main downsides with this and the fact that it is only a 99 years leasehold property is that the chances of fast capital appreciation or easy rental to highly paid single expatriates is near zero. And that is why my guess is that the probability of appreciation for this condo project is very low as explained in my previous post.