Why This Tanah Merah Residences Is Suitable For Food Lovers

If you like food and love these munching outlets in the East region of Singapore, then Urban Vista Tanah Merah Kechil Link may potentially be a very suitable condo for you to live in, while still being situated in a private only residential enclave.

While some people may prefer the developments around Bedok MRT station due to its proximity to food places in the East too, it is not exactly as quiet, nor as prestigious relatively to the Tanah Merah area where houses there are only private ones, with zero HDB flats anywhere nearby.

There is Simpang Bedok which is just a short cycle or drive away from – just 5 minutes and you are there. A popular hotspot with both youngsters and middle aged adults, if you love to hang out during supper time, then Simpang Bedok is very near to your location if you live at UV.

There is also 85 Market right behind Anglican High School. With it just being a 5 to 10 minutes drive away from Urban Vista, you will be able to enjoy the good food at these locations while still enjoying retreating back to your private residences in a relatively quiet environment.

If you are slightly more adventurous, then even the East Coast Lagoon Food Village is just 10 minutes drive away. This is a popular hot spot among families, and your children will definitely enjoy it.

If you so like, you can also take an MRT ride for one station to Bedok MRT for lots of food choices for you and your family. These are definitely family oriented.

As you can possibly already tell, UV is situated in a location where it is private enough, and quiet enough, while still being as close as possible to many food locations if you have a car. The truth is that, if you only want to travel to food places via public transport, then maybe it is not the ideal location.

Of course, there are still other reasons why many people still consider this project, such as airline crew members as explained in a previous post.